Why not include Feng Shui in your holiday planning?

How do the holidays and Feng Shui fit together?  Find out how you can enjoy the holidays, and even savor them, in spite of shopping chaos, prepping, cooking, and cleaning.  Many of us have a love-hate relationshio with the holidays.  We love the festive energy of Thanksgiving aromas, a bountiful feast  and colorful Christmas and Hanukkah decorations and gift giving.  However, prepartions and entertaining friends and family can sometimes result in more stress than harmony.

As you arrange your home for the upcoming holidays this year, why not follow Feng Shui principles to balance your home’s energy and promote more relaxation and fun?  Our surroundings have a profound effect on, and play a large role in, what we attract into our lives.  When we add new colors, shapes, aromas and people to our indoor environment, we can inadvertantly disrupt balance and energy flow that effect our relationships, prosperity and family harmony.

Preparing your home for holidays begins with creating fresh energy.  If we simply overlay additional decorations on top of what is already there, we can create a sense of “too much stuff” which, in turn, depletes us and makes our environment feel heavy, rather than uplifting.  It is impotant to clear clutter and put away non-holiday collections.Feng Shui in your holiday planning

Having all 5 elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) represented in the home increases chances of creating a harmonious environment.  Additionally, the season and/or celebration dictate a predominant energetic element to be strengthened.  With Thanksgiving, it is the earth element, the earth’s bounty, that is emphasized.  The fire element is also included , since fire nourishes earth.  Earth and fire elements are represented by the following colors: creme, yellow, brown, terra cotta, as well as red, fiery orange, and gold.  Appropriate shapes used to incorporate these two elements are a grounding, solid square shape for earth and a triangular shape that represents flames of a fire.  The colors that we emphasize for Christmas are red (fire) and green (wood), the color of healing.  Cool and peaceful green balances the fire or heat from excess red.  Any natural materials, such as fresh garlands, help the neutralizing affect.

It is important to vary lighting sources.  If we use overhead lighting exclusively, energy will become depleted, creating anxiety-ridden situations…or eye strain that can lead to headaches or anger.  Holiday candles and side lamps complement overhead lighting.

Contrary to what many people think, over the holidays it is important to SIMPLIFY.  Too much color, food, sound and competing scents can have a numbing affect and exhaust the family.  When you decorate, weed out knick-knacks adn embellishments that you don’t absolutely love.

Images of water, or actual fountains, can help to cool the atmosphere and create harmony and balance.  Here’s to relaxing and enjoyable holidays!